All cash sent to school should be in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the family's name and reason for the payment and be placed in the blue payments and notices box next to the General Office door.

Reviewed annually by School Council   -   2018 Book Fee     $145 per child.
Fees can be paid by -

Darraweit Guim Primary School provides an all-round education and children are exposed to a variety of experiences.  The Curriculum covers all other 'Key Learning Areas' with a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy.
Our small class sizes and low student to staff ratio allow us to offer individually learning plans for all students.  Working individually with a teacher or in a small group is part of a normal work day for our students.

Our school offers excellent, specialist programs in -

Darraweit Guim Primary School has a strong emphasis on caring for the environment through -

Each year the children participate in a health, safety and Drug Education program in the Life Education Van.

Computers and Ipads are an integral part of the Curriculum at Darraweit Guim Primary School.  Interactive whiteboards are used throughout the school.

Parents are provided with a written report in July and December and interviews are arranged for those wishing to discuss their child's progress.
Please feel free to speak to your child's teacher and if necessary arrange an interview if you have concerns at any time during the year.

It is vital for children to be at school to build on their learning. At Darraweit Guim Primary School we feel 'it is not okay to be away'. If your child is ill and unable to attend school please notify the school.  A written or verbal explanation (as a minimum) is required for each absence.   Absence notification forms are made available to all families.  Attendance Policy is available on our website.
Parents are also able to advise the school of an absence via the Contact Us page of the school website.

For the safety of the community it is requested that all children be set down and collected from the car park provided. Extreme care when reversing is expected.  Maximum speed is 10 kph.

Students who have their lunches at school eat under supervision of teachers.  No child is permitted to play during this time.  We would suggest that parents encourage their children to bring uneaten lunch home again so that quantities and preferences can be ascertained.

If you child requires medication during school, it should be handed to the class teacher before school.  Please complete the medication form in your child's classroom with the details of your child's name, type and dosage of medication and the time it is to be given.
If you child has a medical condition (ie. Asthma or allergies) we ask you to inform us and fill out an 'Individual Medical Plan'.  This will help us to respond appropriately to your child's needs.

We would like to encourage all families to take an active role in the education of their children.  There will be opportunities to help in a wide range of areas, so if you have any special skills or interests please let us know.
Some areas you may like to become involved in include reading, mathematics, typing, sports, computers, art and craft work.
As we are a small school, transporting students on buses is expensive.  We often call on parents to help and this significantly reduces the costs of excursions.     
Note:  You must have comprehensive insurance on the vehicle to help.

At Darraweit Guim Primary School we believe all children have the right to a safe and happy environment.   An environment where all members of the community respect each other.  We are a small community based school which values the individual child and promotes the development of persistence, confidence, co-operation and learning.  Bullying will not be tolerated at our school.

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Note:  12.50-1.00pm is a supervised eating time.

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